PowRPak Solid State Power Supply

Aluma-Pak™ Outdoor

Packed in metal to work on metal, Aluma-Pak™, in its extruded aluminum case with solid fill, provides for maximum water resistance.

11/2 inch height ensures fit under any neon tube letter application. Combine that with the most advanced SGFI technology available including Auto reset bypass, LED display and 36″ sleevless GTO leads, Aluma-Pak™ is your channel letter solution.

UL listed and CSA approved . Available through your local sign supply distributor.

Features & Benefits of Aluma-Pak™
  • Packed in metal to work on metal
  • Extruded case and solid fill provide maximum water resistance
  • The most advanced GFI technology available
  • Auto reset bypass and LED display
  • 1.5” height ensures EZ-fit for under neon tube letter applications
  • 90% lighter than equivalent
  • 12KV Standard PBKM
  • 36” leads, sleeveless GT015
  • UL listed, CSA approved

The first high-frequency, solid state neon power supply for outdoor and indoor use.

Available Models

Pow-R-Pak Neon Power Supply, 120 Volts, 60 Hertz


Drawing Part No VA Line Amp Secondary kV Secondary mA WT (lbs)
Indoor High Light Output,  Self Adjusting Voltage, Normal Power Factor
A SS1235ICH 300 2.5 2 to 12 35 1.9
SS935ICH 100 1.5 2 to 9 35 1.9
SS635ICH 65 1 2 to 6 35 1.9
Outdoor High Light Output,  Self Adjusting Voltage, Normal Power Factor
D SS1235OX 300 2.5 2 to 12 35 2.2
SS935OX 250 2.1 2 to 9 35 2.2
SS660OX 200 1.7 2 to 6 60 2.2
42 0.35 2 to 4 35 1.0
B SS635OH 180 1.5 2 to 6 35 2.2

The above models are UL2161 Listed and CSA Approved


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