Neon Transformers

Allanson continues to manufacture and offer a wide array of neon transformers:

  • Uni-Serve Solid State Outdoor Neon Transformers
  • Housing Style Transformers
  • Unitran Protector Self Enclosed Style Transformers
  • Indoor Hanger Types
  • PowRPak Solid State Power Supply
  • Standard Case Outdoor Style Protector

Secondary voltages range from 2KV to 15KV and Secondary mA ranges from 30mA to 60mA.
Available in Primary voltage 120V.
(Primary voltage 220V, 277V and 347V have been discontinued and no replacements are available).

UNI-SERVE – Replacement Transformer Series

Respected as one of the most innovative neon transformer manufacturers in our industry, Allanson has led the way with new technology and design. Our most recent addition is our UNI-SERVE product. It will save you costly second trips to the site, which are sometimes necessary when you do not have the right transformer for the job.
**UNI-SERVE draws substantially less current than conventional multi-load transformers.

Electronic Neon Power Supplies (PowRPak)

Allanson’s solid-state technology neon power supplies are the most reliable in the industry. With over twenty years providing dependable solid state products, Allanson has developed a wide variety of solid state transformers for virtually any application.