H.O. Lamp Holders

Allanson’s Fluorescent High Output Lamp Holders provide excellent and durable housing for your fluorescent bulbs.

  • 12″ lead length
  • Special thermoplastic flexible sealing material
  • Expands and contracts with temperature changes
  • Electrical connection protected from moisure
  • Self extinguishing sealer adhesive
  • Will not crack or deteriorate like clay-based sealers
  • Electrical contacts remain rigid when expanded
  • Electrical contact with lamp remains strong even after hundreds of relampings
  • Complies with U.L. 48, U.L. 879

Choose from either Tombstone or Flush Mount Lamp Holder Models.

Tombstone Lamp Holders

Model #1621 w/o springs & #1620 with springs  – vertical contacts


Flush Mount Lamp Holders

Model #1623 w/0 springs & #1622 with springs – vertical contacts