About Us

Allanson Lighting Electrics, a business platform of Allanson, is a leading provider of power to the sign lighting industry. The group combines best-in-class technology with proven engineering, design, and distribution services to provide customized, integrated solutions for customers. Allanson Lightning Electrics innovative solutions brighten our world.

Our product offerings have significantly expanded to provide power solutions for a broad array of lighting technologies, including LED, neon, fluorescent and HID. Throughout these changes, however, we have continued to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to delivering superior value to our customers, providing reliable power solutions that customers can depend on. The company offers a full line of electronic and magnetic ballasts for compact fluorescent, linear fluorescent and HID lighting.

Our innovative product family ranges from high output fluorescent ballasts, high intensity discharge ballasts, transformers, and power supplies for neon and led signage. Visit our products section for further information.