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Wiring for Constant and Interrupted Duty Controls on Burners

Wiring for constant and interrupted duty on burners can be confusing.

Allanson’s electronic Ignitors have color coded lead wires designed to make this application quick and easy.

Preventative maintenance is always time saving. Check the wiring in your junction box to ensure it is correct BEFORE firing up a new burner.

Constant Duty:

When routing the color coded leads through the junction box from the ignitor, simply connect the BLUE wire from the ignitor to the ORANGE wire from the control box. Connect all remaining BLACK wires together and all remaining WHITE wires together (including ignitor wire).

Interrupted Duty:

If the unit is Interrupted Duty, simply connect the BLUE wire from the ignitor to the BLUE wire on the control box and connect all WHITE wires together and all BLACK wires together.

Improper wiring bypasses the cad cell relay, resulting in the ignitor running 24 hours a day, even when the burner is NOT running.

This will cause an ignitor to fail prematurely.

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