Allanson offers an extensive variety of iron core transformers to meet your needs.

Production Transformers

Our Production Transformers are available in either standard size can or small can series (Cat 2721). They are also available in a combination of 120/220/240 Volt and 50/60 Hertz.

Industrial Transformers

Our Industrial Transformers are available in various formats for both gas and oil burner transformer replacements. From our 1092 series 6,000 Volt industrial gas transformers to our 12,000 Volt industrial oil transformers.

Service Replacement Transformers

Our BT series Service Replacement Transformers are a comprehensive collection of standard sized transformers to which a variety of base plates can be fitted. This permits a substantial reduction inventory yet you can provide “one call” replacements on almost every type of burner in use.

Allanson continues to offer a complete selection for your transformer needs.