Allanson’s electronic ignitors are made from fire-retardent composite and are 4 times smaller and 1/10th the weight of Iron Core transformers.

Ignitor catalog numbers are designed to ease your selection of the transformer that will best meet your needs.
120 Volt – 2275 240 Volt – 2280 12Vdc – 2270 120 Volt – 2260 230 Volt-2265

Individual mounting plate kits are also available for each ignitor.

Allanson’s Ignitor has a proven history of excellence with outstanding features:

  • History of excellent operation under brownout conditions.
  • No extra mounting plate needed for OMNI Ignitor.
  • Runs cooler, quieter and safer on all types of burners.
  • Meets American and European noise emission standards offering superior EMI and RFI protection.
  • Open Circuit Voltage does not drop off under lower than normal operating primary voltage conditions
  • Low operating temperature
  • Extended life expectancy
  • Available in a service kit which contains: two OMNI Ignitors, a selection of mounting plates and universal contact replacement kits.
  • Energy efficient, CSA & UL Listed