GET GREEN – Energy Efficient Technology

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Proven Technology That Reduces Natural Gas and Propane Consumption

The GET GREEN® System is a permanent, non chemical fuel conditioning system that works with all fossil fuels. These patented magnetic collars are applied within six feet of combustion and work on any fuel line composition. This multiple collar system is carefully selected based on BTU rating and fuel line diameter. There is no need for system shut down or special tools.

How does it work?

All fossil fuels contain Hydrogen in two distinct forms: Ortho and Para-Hydrogen in a 3:1 ratio. Ortho associates more freely with Oxygen, and is therefore more combustible. The GET GREEN® System targets the Para-Hydrogen and energizes them to form Ortho-Hydrogen, thus creating a more efficient combustion.

What can the GET GREEN® System do for you?

-Lower your fuel consumption up to 15%

-Lower CO emission output up to 80%

-Reduce your Carbon Footprint

-Improve your Corporate Image

-Continuous ROI

Commercial Applications:
– HVAC Units – Box Heaters
– Boilers – Hot Water Tanks
– Pool Heaters – Commercial Ovens
– Tow Motors – Commercial Furnaces
– Radiant Heaters
CSA Test Results

The Get Green System was tested by OnSpeX™, a division of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) with the following test results:

– Lowered Carbon Monoxide by 100%, indicating an increase in combustion efficiency

– Increased Temperature Rise by 5% resulting a higher heat efficiency that generates fuel savings

– Reduction in fuel consumption of 12%

– Increased Combustion Efficiency by 1.42% which means a cleaner, more efficient burning of the fuel

– Increased the Steady State Condensate by 30.5%  indicating an increase of airflow across the heat exchanger which saves fuel

To learn more about OnSpeX™ and their testing – download OnSpeX™ Test Results

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