Air Purification

Allanson leads the challenge in healthier indoor living with innovative products such as the Swordfish® UVC Whole Home Air Purifier.

Whole Home UnitConsumers are becoming more and more concerned with their indoor air quality. Various air purification methods are available in the marketplace. However, Swordfish truly purifies the indoor air quality by deactivating the micro-organisms rather than just filtering or trapping them. Swordfish products have been tested by 3rd party facilities to approve kill rates. Lamps tested to kill up to 99.99% of microorganism. Antimicrobial filter tested to capture up to 99.97% of staphylococcus or k. pneumonia.

We have been manufacturing ballasts for decades and using that core competency we are the first to provide a UV product powered by Allanson. This enables us to provide optimal lamp performance.

Provide your homeowners with a solution that truly gives them Healthier Indoor Living.