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At Allanson, our goal is to be the most customer attentive company in our industry as the leader in providing new products and unmatched service and quality.


Allanson International, based in Toronto, Canada is a leader in bringing technology and engineering together to provide innovative solutions for customers in sign lighting, HVAC and consumer packaged goods markets. Through its process management, manufacturing expertise, and technologies, Allanson has designed innovative electrical products since 1926. These products include: high output fluorescent ballasts, high intensity discharge ballasts, transformers, and power supplies for neon and LED signage, as well as oil heating ignition transformers for residential and industrial applications.

With continued research and development of new products, we have prospered and grown our company into a respected electrics manufacturer in North America. Environmentally conscious, we developed the Swordfish®, an ultra violet air treatment system that can alleviate respiratory discomfort and improve indoor air quality. In the sign market, we were the first to introduce Unitran®, a fully integrated transformer eliminating transformer box as well as Protector®, first and most extensive line of SCGFP transformers. In the heating market we introduced Chek-Mate™ Ignitor & Transformer Tester as well as OMNI® Universal Ignitor for oil heating applications.

Our emphasis on innovation has kept the Allanson spirit young and full of vitality. Allanson’s heritage of innovation, growth and vitality will continue to be our strength as we move forward.


Allanson started as a re-builder of automotive generators and starters. Mr. Harry E. Allanson, founder, was virtually the “father” of rebuilding in Canada. During the 1920s Mr. Allanson, traveling on a bicycle, picked up burned out armatures from various garages, and carried them to his basement. There he rewound them by hand, and delivered them back to the garages, making this the country’s first rebuilt product.

From these beginnings, this operation grew and progressed steadily into a company which employed over four hundred employees in two plants, manufacturing hundreds of products and serving customers in approximately 20 countries of the world.

During the Second World War, our manufacturing and technical facilities were devoted almost entirely to our war effort, but soon after, we were the first to introduce an exchange generator program, followed by exchange starters and voltage regulators, ignition transformers, neon transformers and fluorescent ballasts. In 1964, Allanson again pioneered the field with Canada’s first exchange alternator program, also supplying technical information to assist the mechanic to get his share of the market.

During these formative years, the quality of our products and our reputation for consistently fine service permitted our volume to reach such proportions that we achieved having salesmen and stocking warehouse from coast to coast. Although we had the oldest name in the rebuilding industry, we still maintained the newest approach.

Our warehouse in Farmingdale Long Island has been serving customers with same day service for almost a quarter century.

It has always been a Canadian owned company. At first it was maintained by the employees of the company until the 60s when it was bought by Jannock Ltd. Then, in 1993 returned to private ownership.


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