LED Hood Lamps

Catalog # Input
Lumens Color
ALF16-700-WW 700mA 24VDC 17W 1500 3500K
ALF16-700-CW 700mA 24VDC 17W 1600 6000K
ALF16-700-WW RET* 700mA 24VDC 17W 1500 3500K
ALF12-700-WW 700mA 12VDC 10W 700 3500K
ALF12-700-CW 700mA 12VDC 10W 700 6000K
ALF24-700-WW** 700mA 24VDC 20W 1000 3500K
ALF24-700-CW*** 700mA 24VDC 20W 1000 6000K
ALF16-120V-WW 120mA 120VAC 17W 1250 3500K
ALF16-120V-WW RET-GL 140mA 120VAC 17W 1250 3500K
ALF16-220V-WW 77mA 220VAC 17W 1250 3500K

*Retrofit Fixture for Flame Gard Part #L87-1004.
**Discontinued.  Replace with ALF16-700-WW/CW.

Solutions Package here: please download Solutions Package (PDF)
Installation Guide here: please download Installation Guide (PDF)

Special orders for specific Color Temperature requirements that are not specified above can be accommodated.



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